The School of dance is located:
10 street Etienne Cardaire

with two steps of the historical center of the city, in a calm district, without problem of carpark. It profits today from a place privileged in the field of the dance in Montpellier.

A business exceptional

Welcome in Montpellier


The French like to have fun the festival, one knows it; the dance forms part of their culture. That it is that of the " guinguettes " edge of range, " balls popular ", more or less crested receptions, or sumptuous evenings of Riviéra, the required goal being to be at ease and sure of oneself each time that a opportunity to dance arises. All confused motivations, each one expresses one day or the other the desire, even the need, to learn how to dance or to improve... the problem is then of knowing where to go to take its first steps... This is why it there A 22 years now, I decided to create the first School of dances of show in Montpellier. Opened with all, user-friendly and profiting from a great notoriety, it is still today one of largest and beautiful schools of dances of show in France. Capital of the area Languedoc-Roussillon, Montpellier is the city-symbol of the French dynamism.

A city, an area... " of dream "

Here more than elsewhere, one invents, innovates, creates. Two thirds of the 400 000 inhabitants have less than 40 years. Located at 10 minutes of the Mediterranean, Montpellier profits from an exceptional climate: 300 days of sun per annum and town of France where it rains the least most often.

The Organizers of cultural events and the companies were not mistaken there since they are each year more to come to present their spectacles or to be established in Montpellier... Add to that that Paris is at one hour of plane, 4 hours in the train (soon 3) and you will want only one: to come to install you here! Quality of exceptional, political life of greeting of scale, mixing of cultures (one finds students of the whole world here), subtle mixture of modern architecture and " old stones ", all this made of Montpellier a single and pleasant city, endowed with an extraordinary potential.